Information and Communication Technology Policy 2010-2015

The State of Andhra Pradesh is pioneer in offering the best incentives and facilitations for the growth of the ICT sector, with business friendly policies and proactive approach of the Government.

The Government has announced first Information Technology (IT) Policy for promoting the IT Industry and IT Enabled Services in the State on 25-05-1999. The IT Policy was modified & revised as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy subsequently w.e.f. 27-06-2002. The second ICT Policy 2005-2010 came into force w.e.f. 21-03-2005 and was valid upto 5 years.

The current ICT Policy 2010-2015 has been approved by the Council of Ministers at the Cabinet Meeting held on 01-07-2010, which will be effective for a period of five years with effective from 07-07-2010.

Objectives of ICT Policy 2010-2015: ICT PROMOTION The objective of the ICT Policy 2010-2015 is to make Andhra Pradesh one of the fore runners in IT sector in the Country through –

  1. provision of congenial, industrial friendly and proactive climate for IT companies to locate, grow and sustain their operations most competitively in a hassle-free environment in the State.
  2. creation of employment opportunities to the educated youth of all sections of the Society across all regions,
  3. achieving higher levels of export turnover resulting in enhanced productivity, and augmentation of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)
  4. To spread IT to nook & corner of the State and
  5. leverage Information Technology as a tool for the socio-economic development of the State.

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