Legal Jargons

Word– Defamation

Meaning: The word  defamation means, “the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation”. Defamation is a false attack on ones good name. Ones good name is regarded as his/her proprietary interest, not a personal interest. Defamation is an improper and unlawful attack against ones proprietary right to his/her good name, reputation.
Example: Three Journalists in Italy handed Prison Sentences on Defamation Charges.
Pronunciation: def-a-ma-tion

Word– Acquittal

Meaning: Acquittal basically means:

  1. Judgment, as by a jury or judge, that a defendant is not guilty of a crime as charged.
  2. The state of being found or proved not guilty.

Example: If the court sets aside the order it may also reinstate the original acquittal.
Pronunciation: ac-auit-tal



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