1. Corrigendum to Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2011 (CLSS, 2011): MCA videGeneral Circular No: 60/2011 dated, 10th August 2011 has clarified that the CLSS, 2011  shall cover Form 52 (filing of annual accounts by a foreign company) as foreign companies are included in the scheme. All the terms and conditions of the General Circular No. 59/2011dated 5.8.2011 will remain the same.
  2. Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2011 (CLSS, 2011): MCA vide Circular No: 59/2011, dated 5th August 2011, has introduced CLSS, 2011 as per which defaulting Companies can file their belated annual filing documents by paying only 25% of actual additional fees. The Scheme will be force from 12th August 2011 up to 31st October 2011.The above scheme is not applicable for filling of documents other than Form-20B, Form-21A, Form-23AC, 23 ACA and Form 66. The scheme shall not apply to the Companies against which action under sub-section (5) of section 560 of the Companies Act has been initiated by the Registrar of Companies.
  3. Corrigendum to General Circular No. 54/2011: MCA vide General General Circular No: 58/2011 dated, 1st August 2011 has decided to amend Para (c) the Circular No. 54/2011 dated 26th July, 2011. As per the amendment, the information which the Court directs the management of the company to  submit on the request of the OL can be duly verified by a Company Secretary/a Cost Accountant in practice in addition to a Practicing Chartered Accountant“
  4. Substitution of Form 23AC, 23ACA: MCA vide Notification G.S.R.(E) dated 11th August 2011 has substituted the existing Form 23AC and 23ACA with the new forms and  the same shall  be effective from 12th August 2011.


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